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Contents on the CD Rom

  • Using technology, it is possible to recycle gold worth lakhs of rupees from junked computer monitors, motherboards, televisions and other electronic products.
  • 43% of total production of gold in the whole world is used in electronics
  • CPUs have gold and plating on its pins and gold wires inside them
  • RAMs have gold plating on its fingers and gold wires inside the chips
  • PCBs, an important component of electronic products, predominantly use metals such as copper and gold.
  • Electronic chips used in computers, cell phones and other electronic items have some silver also along with gold.
  • One of the options of process for gold extraction involves first pulverising the e-waste into a paste. Then, depending on the concentration of gold in this metallic paste, scientists used appropriate processes such as solvent extraction, electroplating or cementation to isolate the yellow metal.
  • For gold recovery from motherboards CN process, aqua regia, nitric process, pyrolysis & hydrometallurgy can be used
  • Different CPUs have different quantity of gold in them
  • 1 Kg. SIM cards of cell phones have 1.75 grams of gold.
Technology Information
  • Recycling of gold from electronics
  • Recycling Systems
  • Recovery Methods
  • Process of hydrometallurgy
  • Leaching Column Technique
  • Video Clips

Technology Institutions

  • Research Institute - India
  • Pilot Project
  • List of Technical Consultants

Scrap Suppliers

  • Indian suppliers

Gold Refining Equipment

  • eWaste Plant suppliers
  • Supplier - India

Plant Details

  • India
  • Recycling Service Providers
  • Recycling Facilities in Asia
Gold Refining Process
Case Study
  • Obsolete Computers
  • Processing from scrap Computer
  • Printed Wiring Boards
  • Mobile Phone scrap
  • Success Story
  • Total Recovery of Gold Contained in Computer Printed Circuit Boards
  • Recovery of gold from computer circuit board scraps

Market Scenario

  • e-Waste processing - India
  • Outlook in Chennai
  • Environmental Sustainability

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