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Information profile @ a Glance
  • Gold Chains are considered as a symbol of status
  • People perceive gold chains as a means of security for future because gold alone has an internationally agreed price
  • Market of Gold Chains in diverse. As there are different classes of society with differing requirements and needs, business has to be dynamic enough to respond.
  • High class usually likes light weight chains that are relatively simple attractive in design.They are more concerned about the quality finishing and latest trends.
  • While one segment of our society likes heavy weight and old style Chains
  • Gold Chain Manufacturing unit tend to specialize in terms of process, thus they all tend to form a cluster of independent units that utilize each otherís service to complete gold Chains. This makes it easier for a new entrant to identify craftsmen in terms of skill, reliability and quality.
  • Target market for the proposed business is retail industry. Gold Chains manufactured shall be sold to retailers
  • Gold Chains are used by all classes of the society, demands for different sectors of
    market must be fulfilled - as design, style and fashion of classes of society are different.
Basic Information
  • About Jewelry Manufacturing
  • Jewelry & Design
  • FAQ
  • Jewelry Manufacture - Research
  • Rating Methodology for Gold Jewelry Retail Industry
  • Gold and the Jewely Supply Chain
  • Gold chain assessment
Companies Information
  • Art of Gold Chain
  • Manufacturer - Gold Chain
  • Company performance
  • German Manufacturer
Jewelry Clusters
  • Design study
  • Gold Components
  • Gold Jewelry Value Chain
  • Bronze and Gold Label assessments
Project Information
  • Gold Chain & Stoppers, Catchers Manufacturing
  • Gold Jewelry Manufacturing and Retailing Shop
  • Occupational Standards
Equipments Suppliers
  • Directory of Machinery suppliers
  • Machinery Traders
  • Chinese supplier
  • Indian Supplier
  • Supplier - Agra
  • List of suppliers in India
  • List of Chinese suppliers
  • Laser Welding
  • Machine Tool Trader
  • Gold Machinery contact

Market Scenario

  • Imports of Gold Chain into India
  • Import Duty Imposition in India
  • HS Codes
  • Import Export Policy - India
  • Value Chain Analysis off the Gold Jewelry
  • Consumer Study Guide
  • China's Gold Market
  • Hong Kong Jewelry
  • Market - India
  • The Necklace Market

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